Thursday, May 22, 2014

You Can't Stay Here

I was kinda sad the baby shower trilogy was over, since it was so much fun having people I enjoy the company of all gathered together without much effort on my behalf AND getting to unwrap surprises for the baby. I really love surprises. 
But then we planned a hot date with Allison and Stewart and the surprise saga continued! Those sweet sweet friends of ours went out and found the most adorable Baylor gear for our new human, in the spirit of our first common interest as friends.
We introduced them to Jessica and Bobby shortly after, if you call screaming their names over the tunes of a Led Zeppelin cover band and hoping they could lip read well enough to catch every other word a proper introduction. As cool a joint The Grotto was, and as great as the cover band played, it wasn't exactly a conducive environment to catching up on verbal transactions, but who needs more than good classic tunes when there's fantastic food to be devoured? Besides, everyone knows Led Zeppelin must be enjoyed in loud doses.
After our carnivorous affairs, we decided to venture out into the charming downtown McKinney square, since 4 of the 6 of us had never been, and found ourselves sitting on a cozy little outdoor patio with romantic white lights hanging from the trees and another live cover band playing groovy versions of hip songs and alternative classics far enough in the background for us to gibber jabber about everything from work to play until all the chairs had been put up around us, the music long subsided, and the lights dimmed.
Not ones to need more than a subtle hint, we moved on in search of more. More music. More drinks. More time to soak in the beautiful spring night weather in the company of good people.
It wouldn't take long for us to figure out small towns close down early, and although we didn't HAVE to go home, we wouldn't be staying out another minute in McKinney.
Like everything, it was fun while it lasted, and seemed to be over too fast.  

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