Monday, January 28, 2013

Lost On Why, So Let's Dance

I forgot to talk about our very last christmas......and the legal crap I promised to explain.
Let's start with a baffling one sided conversation about how I can make the most complicated recipes in the world, but have never made a successful batch of rice crispy treats, and was far from successful with this supposedly "easy" candy idea. I let the Rollos melt too much, resulting in a sticky, broken, caramel mess.....and those kisses were suppose to be melted, not browned and crystallized!!! I guess if it's not "real" cooking, it's over my head. 
We took the successful dishes, along with my failed ones, and headed 4 hours south, to the Brenham family get together.
We played with some cute puppies, had a few drinks by the outdoor fireplace, enjoyed a good ol' fashioned time at White Elephant Christmas, and broke a sweat in the living room to the Nintendo Wii game, Dance Off, with the kids.
Now I'm convinced that we need a Wii, since I have the rationalization that rotting my brain with Super Mario Bros is nutralized by following it up with a healthy exercising competition disguised as dancing.
But before we got to do all that........something else happened.
Ever since we got our iPhone's we've had navigational issues, which contributed to missing a crucial turn on this trip, which snowballed into being flagged down by the patriotic lights of a small town officer with nothing else better to do than read the microscopic inspection expiration date on our windshield.........on probably the only day in the last year we were super conscious about not breaking any traffic laws. Go figure.  It didn't help our case when Patrick admitted to not having an up-to-date address on his driver's license, as I frantically searched through the pile of 20 expired insurance slips, promising that we pay for insurance but just can't find the current form.
I started having flash back's to last summer when I got a warning for not having my lights on at night, and having a very out of date home address on my DL. The officer gave me 30 days to fix it, and luckily didn't notice the registration was expired. I thought about how I've yet to fixed any of those things and just knew karma was catching up with me now.  Patrick and I looked at each other, took a deep breath, and braced ourselves for the shameful ticket coming our way. 
"I'm going to let you off with a warning. But you need to get these things taken care of," said the officer who will now go down in kpLove Blog history as one of the most character trusting good-faith-filled officer's in the state of Texas. Hallelujah, that day was saved! Sunlight transformed into beams from heaven shining down on us. 
I decided I better not try my luck again, which is why I got everything taken care of!

If you know how to make good rice-krsipy treats, what's your secret? How diligent are you about keeping all your legal requirements up-to-date?


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