Monday, January 21, 2013

No One's Perfect

Source: via Powell's on Pinterest

As a friend, sometimes we have to put on a strong face.
It's an unscripted duty to be happy for others in their shining moment, even when it hurts our own hearts, because it's the reputable thing to do.

As a friend, sometimes we cry together, but more frequently laugh.
Gut wrenching stitches are derived from both ends of the spectrum, an inevitable part of living.

As a friend, we have volunteered to be a support system.
The simple offering of oneself, even if in mere silence, may help keep someone else from falling apart.
Source: via Mandy on Pinterest

As a friend, sometimes I feel guilty for struggling to do these things, but I know that only makes me human.
All I can do is strive each day for reclaimed nobility.

We all stumble.
But that's why we have eachother, as friends, for balance.

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