Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holy Moly

(Did anyone ever watch the acapella singing show called The Sing Off??? I loved it before it got cancelled, and discovered Pentatonix during one of the seasons. They are amazing, and from Texas, and I just found out they are starting a tour soon!!)

Time has slipped from my finger tips. I know what happened; I've been so exhausted lately trying to catch up with regular life that the life itself has been drained from my body like water through a colander......I had a lot of catching up sleep to do......and I was reading a book which always monopolizes my free existing moments. 
The Time Traveler's Wife....such a tragically romantic love story. It wasn't just the heavy feeling of the word content that imaged tragedy though, the book's physical presence was looking pretty dismalled after I got finished with it. I used to think there was a certain charm about a real life book.......but what a chore it was to flip pages, a pain to hold it in awkward ways while trying to use the flash-light app on my phone in bed to avoid waking a sleeping husband, and an inconvenience to not have a built in dictionary at my disposal. My Kindle has ruined me for life.
Operation tuck-away-Christmas-decorations has been postponed yet again (as long as they're up before Easter, right?) for more urgently important technicalities like grocery shopping, getting the battery replaced in my Polar watch (God forbid I workout blindly, without knowing my heart rate or how many calories I burned), letting Robbins Brothers shine my rings back to sparkling new, having the inspection done on our car and other important things that apparently the state portrays as "important", but is actually just a conspiracy conjured up for money stealing (.......pppssshhhtt, legal crap.....I'll explain later....).
Thank goodness I'm blessed with a wonderful husband who comes home from a long day of work to make me dinner while I take an afternoon nap on the couch for moments like these, and cleans the entire house while I'm away at work, and stays up all night long to write a song to make me happy, and goes to the grocery store to purchase all the ingredients to make me the elaborate breakfast I was craving a day prior, and gets everything all laid out in the kitchen to have it all made by the time I get home from work........but accidently over sleeps and wakes up to a dog licking his face and yells out "OH CRAP!" and falls in the process of sprinting down the stairs as soon as possible to see his wife already made the extravagant breakfast (but she's happy anyway because it's the super sweet thought that really counts).
I wasn't the only tired one.....
In other words, this month is flashing before my eyes.....which only means one thing: the closer we are getting to going on a much needed vacation!!!

How fast do you take down your seasonal decor? When it comes to reading which do you prefer: digital or old school? Why?


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