Monday, January 14, 2013

I was Right! I was Right!!

Remember that time Patrick made me feel completely foolish and ashamed for throwing a "hook'em" sign instead of a "rock on" sign? We debated on which hand gesture meant what, my argument being his idea of the "rock on" sign actually meant "I love you". 
Being wrong continued to torment me, so I began to research the subject; I don't know why it didn't don on me before. As it turns out, I was indeed, correct. And although used by Texas University for their slogan of "hook'em horns", Patrick was just as much wrong as he was correct. The gesture is called the "sign of horns" or "corna" or "devil horns", a superstitious sign in some cultures, a satanic sign in others, but has been used in pop culture in association with rock and heavy metal dating all the way back to the later 60's early 70's. 
Ronnie James Dio with the band Black Sabbith, was the first to establish the now traditional association. (If Black Sabbith is on my side, I must be right......right?)

Patrick wasn't the first to get the 2 confused though. When The Beatles album Yellow Submarines came out, people thought maybe John Lennon got befuddled and meant to pose with the hand gesture "I love you". And if you search images on the web, you'll find the two different gestures harmoniously mingling together. 
But for us now better educated folks, we can be sure of 2 things: 
1. There's is a difference between the "I love you" sign and "Rock on" sign.
2. There is NOT a difference between the "Rock on" sign and "Hook'em" sign. 

(If you're still stupefied, the very last image is the "I love you" sign, all the rest meaning "rock on"......or for that fraction of the population out there that wish to cheer on the Texas Longhorns, "hook'em")

Ahhh......the sweet taste of victory. Feels good to be right. 

P.S. I wont hold it against you, Hunny, for calling me out. After all, it's a common misconception.
P.P.S. Na-na na-na boo boo!!! Go stick your head in doo doo!  

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How easily will you bow your head in defeat when someone tells you you're wrong?


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