Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hiccups, Crying, and Boundaries: Week 34

Patrick had to patch things up and apologize for a terrible terrible fight we got into while I was dreaming. His dream self can be such a jerk sometimes......it's a good thing his reality self always makes it up to me!
I had my first hormonal cry since the Little Mermaid episode that happened forever and a day ago. It felt awful and ridiculous, and I'd be completely okay with not having another one! 
I felt Cotton's hiccups for the first time ever. They lasted a long time and I wondered if hiccups are as uncomfortable to a baby in utero as they are to a out-of-utero person.....I would think it'd be especially awkward to have the hiccups while suspended upside down and swimming, which is how he/she has been positioned for a few weeks now.
Kicks are getting so strong that sometimes they take me off guard, hit in just the right spot, and hurt a little bit, even to the point of waking me up! A couple of mornings ago, Patrick woke up really early and was cuddling with me while I was still asleep and told me later that my belly had been moving all over the place (I was snoozing hard and clueless). Dr. B inquired about the baby's movement during my appointment yesterday just as he was positioning the doppler. As he struggled to keep track of the fetal heart rate he said, "This baby is all over the place!" You ain't telling me anything I don't already know..... 
I find it utterly mesmerizing how many people in our society completely forgo any boundaries they'd normally respect when fixated on a child, even the unborn kind. I can't even keep track of how many strangers go straight for the reach-in and rub my belly. Complete strangers!!! Not that I'm too terribly bothered by it, but it's just that I'd NEVER rub on someone's belly that I didn't know.....and even if I do know them, I have to feel very close to them to feel privileged enough to rub without asking. And then there's the whole entitlement to give unsolicited advice thing.......You shouldn't be drinking that coffee! ......Are you suppose to be eating that sushi?!? ......Is that soft cheese you're munching on pasteurized? Thank you for your concern, random people that I don't even know, but I'm 100% sure you should mind your own business.


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