Monday, April 21, 2014

"Why The Hell Would I Know Where Your Mother Is?"

If these puppies think it's already hot outside, they've got a rude awakening headed their way in the next couple of months!! I must admit, though, the bright green blades of cool Johnson grass being blown by the wind into rhythmic flowy waves did look mighty refreshing and I shortly contemplated on joining the panting party. 
They ended up getting their wish 2 days later, when a cold front brought unexpected freezing temperatures to town!!! I was counting my blessings that I hadn't put the plants I've been pampering all winter outside just yet, like I had initially planned. 
Let's all take a moment to honor National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. As you all know, my husband is the biggest fan of all "sandwich categories", and when I heard about this on what I call "the fake news", because it doesn't talk about anything particularly relevant....unless you consider holidays like this relevant (which we do, hence the real life picture featuring my version of a how a grilled cheese should be, minus the pickles since our frig was so unfortunately barren of deli pickles). If you're just now finding out about this holiday, I'm sorry you missed it, but the good news is you can always catch it again next year!!!
While you're here, you should totally watch this educational owl video, because it makes me oh so happy, and I have a feeling it will you, as well. The German fairy tale is especially my very favorite part. "And then the owl swooped down and ripped the little girl's face off and ate her eyeballs." (I'm giggling all over again, just thinking about it!)

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