Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Wish you would step back from that ledge, my friend."

The drive to our next adventure is always the hardest part for these puppies.
Sumo makes little whimpering noises out of agonizing excitement almost the entire way.
Me: You think you're agonized now??? Just wait until I get you in the park and make you stop to pose in wildflowers. That'll show you!!
Puppies: Oh ya? You want to play that game? We'll just constantly look in a different directions than you, as a subtle rebellion. 
Sumo: Okay, fine, if you're not going to give up, I'll just give you what you want. Can we go play in the water now? Can we? Can we?! CAN WE?!
These pups would have jumped off a cliff to get to the water (no joke; we had to pull them back from the edge while singing Jumper by Third Eye Blind on more than one occasion).
I love it when all the natural natives are in bloom.
It was the perfect spring day to go for a walk by the lake, then stopping to chill under a cypress tree by the creek and watch people do crazy things like fasten a tie-down across two trees and practice their "tight rope" skills (or their lack there of), or ride down the biking trail on a motorcycle in a full on, head to toe Easter Bunny costume (and you just thought weird people lived in Austin, Hollywood, or Portland.......turns out every city has their own set of unique breeds).
And since I've bored you with two puppy posts in a row, I might as well indulge a little further by showing you this hilariously dramatic video about A Sad Dog's Diary. 

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