Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cuddle Compensation

If we all look's because we were.

Only one person in that picture had more than 3 hours of sleep, and from the looks of it he's not ashamed of it either. 
We were dying to cuddle with sweet Holden and no type of scheduling conflicts or lack of sleep were going to hold us back from getting what we wanted!!!
We took advantage of Cristina's generosity and didn't give him back for a solid couple of hours, but we didn't leave her empty handed. As cuddle compensation, I made her and John dinner, Jessica supplied dessert, and Ale brought a breast feeding survival basket.
It's hard to believe that in less then 3 months, I wont have to go to someone else's house to steal baby cuddles! 
Until then, I know a little someone who will take as many cuddles as he can get, especially when his pride is hurt from falling off the couch. 


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