Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Small Life Adjustments: Week 30

I'm starting to feel really tired these days, like I could take a nap at any given time. Sometimes I feel like I'm moving through water just to get around.....or at my most tired times, mud. So long second trimester energy! Aside from that small detail, and all the blooming trees flaring up allergies I didn't know I had that I refuse to take medicine for, I think I feel pretty awesome.
Everyone has been so sweet lately, telling me how good I look......because around now is the time I should start looking like crap, I guess?? The most common things people say right now are, "You look like you have a basketball stuffed under your shirt," and "If I only saw you from the back, I wouldn't even know you were pregnant."
I don't know my own girth anymore, and as a result am constantly bumping into things when I think I have enough room to steer clear. The other day, I tried to squeeze by the grocery cart that was positioned next to the conveyer belt in the check out isle, but couldn't fit. I then laughed at myself for even thinking I could suck in far enough to make it happen (any amount of sucking in is impossible), had to pull the cart out, go down the isle, and pull the cart behind me......little life adjustments that feel so weird. 
If I stand for a long time, my feet turn pink.
I read that the top of my uterus is around or a little above the half way point between my belly button and my boobs. This is a crazy truth as evidenced by the feeling of Cotton literally wedged inside the bottom part of my ribs when I'm sitting down or the occasional sucker punch to the ribs when 'you know who' is feeling really feisty. Sometimes I can't tell if Cotton is moving around in a really strong way or if I'm having a Braxton Hicks contraction, although I'm pretty sure it's Braxton Hicks contractions. Don't worry, they're painless and completely normal.....just a really strange tightening sensation.
We started studying Hpynobabies this week. Intriguing stuff. I'm actually so interested, it's hard to just stick to weekly studies instead of reading the entire book straight through.
Every single person who guessed when my belly button was going to flatten out has officially lost!! It's super shallow, and gets really close to being completely flat when I'm sitting down, but is still hanging in there.


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