Monday, July 15, 2013

Urban Date Night

We've lived on the east side for quite a while now, and up until this point, have failed miserably at our intentions to take full advantage of having the train station located merely one mile down the road, so last Saturday we changed our ways. 
Patrick had no problems fitting right in to the public transit system stereotype......digging for gold with no shame (picture not posed).....
For a couple of weeks I'd had my eye on Park Tavern, a craft beer joint I found in North Dallas, and well, my husband is never opposed to beer. Doesn't he look adorable in his new haircut I gave him? 
Aside from the delicious wheat beers and IPA's, we tried some Animal Tots. WHAT?!?!?! Fried egg on tater tots with cheese and pulled pork?!?! YES! 
Still feeling adventurous, we headed next door to try Boca Chica, a tequila and tapas restaurant that was suspiciously empty. 
We ordered $10 specialty drinks recommended to us by the waiter and almost crapped our pants when he brought out tiny glasses of liquid on a tray, thinking we'd paid premium price for a miniscule excuse of a drink, and sighed a breath of relief we when realized it was just our waters. We laughed together and shared our fears. I'm mean, really, I'd taken shots that big before......
But then he came back with another tray. With the same size glasses. We laughed again; this time in disbelief that our relief was premature. To top it off, both our exotically named drinks tasted blandly terrible and watered down, and although the ceviche was decent and our waiter was great, I would neither recommend this place to a friend or come back to pay top dollar for tiny mediocre tasting portions (I know it was a "tapas" place, but the prices were ridik and this is Texas.)
Do you have any idea how difficult it is to capture a picture of a timed water fountain in action? I'll tell you. So near impossible that we gave up.
When we got back to downtown Plano, we strolled through the muggy night air hand and hand, taking a pit-stop at the tiny little almost run down slightly scary gas station a block from our house to cure an ice-cream craving, then crawled in bed for cuddles and a Netflix movie. I'm not sure what your idea of cheap urban romance is, but I'm pretty sure this was top notch.............. 

How often do you take advantage of your city's public transportation system?


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