Thursday, July 4, 2013

So Many Questions

Did you know Austin has enforced a bag ban on disposable bags at all retailers? A few other nationwide cities have already jumped on board with this law and I think it's pretty awesome, especially when I go for a drive and find a plastic bag flapping in the wind from a tree limb or caught on the root of a tree in one of my favorite creeks. I won't lie and say I have completely steered away from using bags when I go for large grocery purchases just yet, but I do re-purpose those bags for chores around the house, and I do tote my own reusable bag around for lots of other purchases, or just carry things out with full arms whenever possible. Apparently Dallas has voted against favor for this movement, but there are plans for it to be readdressed. Still, it surprises me when every time I assure the cashier I don't need a bag or take my things out of the bag to give it back to them, their reaction always reflects confusion or concern. Through my light research on the subject, I've found some polar opinions.
Have you ever left your shopping basket behind to grab something, and not pay much attention when you retrieve it, until you look down to unload your groceries onto the cashier's conveyor belt and realize your once full cart only has one thing in it, and you go looking for the cart you lost but have no idea how to return the one you stole back to it's original shopper, so you nonchalantly push it to the side?
.....Yeah, I did that and I'm not particularly proud. I feel like I lost a part of my life, actually. Straight up robbed. What was a I thinking about when I started pushing a cart that looked and felt nothing like mine? How could I not remember any of the last 10 minutes of my life? Did the person who's cart I stole see me do it and think it was funny so they didn't say anything to see how long it would take me to realize I was a fool? Was the person missing their cart just as confused as I was? Where did I even get the practically empty cart? Better yet, WHY COULDN'T I REMEMBER ANYTHING?!?!?! So many questions. So little answers.
On the same day, I visited the municipal court to pay for the stupid ticket my brother caused me to get and couldn't help but overhear other visitors conversing with the workers behind the glass. Without telling their stories, all I can say is I actually felt proud of myself among such company. I feel confident I was the easiest and most innocent customer they had all day. They guy that helped me was soooo super nice to, probably because I wasn't a huge pain in the ass and menace to society like everyone else seemed to be, or maybe because I had really short shorts on.......we'll never know.
And two days later my faith in humanity was even further nurtured by the sweetest merchant encounters everywhere I went. I should probably stay up for 24 hours wearing scrubs from the night before with frazzled hair and dark circles under my eyes more often for my errand running.....everyone probably thought I was still having to work while battling a terminal illness.
Happy Birthday, America, I hope you're proud.

P.S. Have you ever watched Portlandia? I love it; my new obsession right now besides vintage tiny camper trailers.

How do you feel about the banning bags to help preserve the environment?


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