Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More People, More Comedy: Krause Springs Day 1

Continued from my posts about Jacob's Well, and The Blue Hole.......

How is a person suppose to pack up their whole SUV, drive 4 hours away from home and just hope there's a place to set up their tent when they get there, putting their fate dangerously in the hands of chance, because the campgrounds doesn't take reservations?
Some may call it living on the wild side. Some may call it stupid. But it's exactly what we did. 
We actually hit the jackpot, grabbing an RV site for the same price as any regular tent site, so we could have an electrical outlet for our fan and a faucet to rinse our dishes under. 
Spoiled from our earlier rendezvous', the Saturday afternoon crowd at Krause Springs was a bit congested for our taste, but we learned after talking to a couple of Austin residents, they came here to get away from the more popular watering holes that are even more crowded! 
We weren't shaken. I had a summer ale calling my name and a book to red.
We found a  perch high above the party, nice for relaxing and with a fantastic view for people watching. 
We should have kept a tally of the blundering falls down rocky slopes and the accidental ice chest purges off crooked stairs, but were too busy laughing and cringing to think logically. 
As sunset drew closer, day-visitors were forced to escape the park before the gates locked everyone in for the night, thinning the flock.......

...........which is exactly what we were hoping for. 
Just before dark, we hugged a giant tree, then finished setting up camp. By nightfall a brag worthy dinner was ready. Chopped yellow squash and zucchini served with short ribs cooked over the charcoal grill, with sweet and tangy clementines for dessert.
I surprisingly received a compliment on my new headlamp while walking to the bathroom, something I'd never imagined happening. 
"I like your headlamp. I have one that I keep by my side of the bed and use to read scary novels while my boyfriend is sleeping. It works out great 'cause when I look up, the light creates creepy shadows from the things in the room."
We slept under the super moon that night with the locust and frogs humming us to sleep (and our inconsiderate neighbor's out of date club music), with the 73F breeze blowing through the mesh ceiling of our tent that I gazed at the stars through before a last long blink transformed into sweet dreams. I actually woke up searching for warmth. 
But before bed, we headed back down to the water around midnight to peer up at the sky and listen to the other strange few {humans}, who were still awake, howling at the moon in unison like a pack of wolves. 
That's when we got to see the fire show. A guy lit these balls on fire and swirled them around in the black night, like he'd been circus trained, ceasing when the burning subsided. Unfortunately I only recorded the end of his performance, but the video is humorous because my drunken husband NEVER stops talking. 

What's you favorite part about camping?


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