Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wholly Guacamole THAT Was a Close One!!

Wouldn't you know that turd son of mine would be on a great predictable morning schedule all week until the morning of our flight to Denver. Just mom and baby. The duo doing Denver. 
He ate every hour and wanted to play or fuss to pass the time in-between. Once he even managed to pee all over the changing table and himself......so he got a bath
After getting fresh and clean and in his traveling attire, he was screaming for a bottle and I cracked under pressure, forgetting to put the rest of the bottle parts together before trying to feed him, which resulted in his brand new white outfit being completely saturated with a discolored off white stain. Sigh. It was now only one hour until we had to head to the airport. Becoming desperate to get myself dressed and finish a little, but very important last minute packing, I sent Patrick a text. "Help! Can you come home now?!?!" Dillon-2. Mommy-0. 
I ended up getting ready and packed in a whirlwind of half a hour. Whew! Time to go!

On the way to the airport we somehow miss a turn. Great. 
We redirect, find our terminal exit, and bam! We are stuck in horrific construction traffic. Then a sign misdirects us into the wrong parking lot. Just what we needed.
When we finally make it to the correct gate parking, where we find ourselves in a completely stand still car parking line with a crying baby in the backseat. Tension was running high. 
A parking attendant tells us we can pull to the side out of the line so Patrick can bring me in. We just have to take a lot of stairs. Cool!
When we reach the place where the terminal should be, all we see is construction fences and a sign redirecting us to walk back to the first place we accidentally exited when we thought it was the wrong area!!! If it sounds like none of this makes sense, it's because it doesn't. 
We walk and walk some more, get inside, turn around, and walk all the way back down to where Spirit should have been on the outside. What a mess. 

An even bigger mess? The line to check in!! We had to wait in the hot mess of a Full Service line since Dillon couldn't be checked in online and the combination of clueless attendants behind the counter and cheap passengers checking in with entire families of children made for a very long wait. It was now 3:50pm and boarding time for my 4:50 flight was suppose to start in 10 minutes. 
When we finally made it to the front of the line, the person behind the counter (who may I had, had absolutely zero sense of urgency) couldn't figure out how to add Dillon to our ticket and instead of immediately asking for help, stood there and starred at her screen for countless minutes before choosing to be productive.
We ran to security, I gave Patrick a way faster goodbye than I wanted, and then stepped through the roped maze (the very special one reserved for people with disabilities, or children).
Somehow I made it through security with little trouble (minus the guard that tried to tell me I couldn't take my carseat/base/bag through security and had to take it back to the luggage check-in, but then another guard saw I was about to cry and helped me by taking everything apart and putting it piece by piece through the xray conveyer belt machine). A couple of kind souls had mercy on my full hands and assisted me, while others, I'm sure, were rolling their eyes behind my back. It's not easy to get cowgirl boots on and off with all I had in tow, but there was no way they were fitting in my suitcase with everything I had packed in there! 
I wasn't surprise to get my hands swabbed for drugs, but I was surprised I didn't get any grief for having powdered formula in a baggie and water in a couple of bottles. 
After that victory, I had single digit minutes to get to the boarding gate, and boy was it a trek carrying a baby, a diaper bag, a pumping bag (both packed tight), and a carseat/base! I'm considering this my very first workout post baby, as I would have been cleared for physical activity had I not had to reschedule my appointment due to the trip. 
Two escalators up and down, two moving walkways, and a jog later, I made it to E25, sweating profusely, and just in time for boarding! I kneeled down, passed out changed Dillon's diaper on the floor (Petunia Pickle Botton pulled through once more), and stood up in time to walk onto the plane. 
THAT was a close one!


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