Sunday, August 10, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 8

#1 The wedding is over. Get this effin' suit off me!! - August 3
#2 So......why is it, exactly, you adult people rave about this hammock contraption??? Being held is way better. - August 4
#3 I went to my first Block Party today. Can't wait to taste the Breck Brewery BBQ that mom ate while we were there! - August 5
#4 Mom and Dad took me to Red Rocks so they could sing to me on stage, but Foster the People beat us there, so we walked some trails and caught some rays instead. - August 6
#5 Me and Mom are mostly resting today to recover from our trip, but that's no excuse to compromise style. - August 7
#6 Mom caught me farting on camera. This woman knows no boundaries! - August 8
#7 I've decided my bouncy chair is way more fun than my swing!! - August 9


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