Thursday, August 14, 2014

It's Okay, 'Cause I was Adopted

A full flight. 
A very full flight on a plan that made scary foriegn noises........I looked to the woman sitting next to me, "Have you ever heard that noise on a plane before?"
"No." She looked to her grown son sitting next to her left, "Have you?"
"No. I was trying to ignore it," he replied.
I said a thankful prayer that we actually made it on the flight and had an isle seat next to a very nice mother son duo. Then I said another, much longer prayer, asking for a safe landing,  Dillon's cooperation, knowledge to best assist him, and patience of the people around me. 
Then I called Patrick to put his mind at ease. I'd never witnessed more children on a single plane in my entire life and I expected things to get very interesting.
When the flight attendants did their special safety instructions/demonstrations, my mind started to wonder off, thinking of all the terrible things on the news lately with flights gone horribly wrong and I started to tear up, just thinking about possibly subjecting Dillon to such evil.......maybe my hormones are still not as back to normal as I thought they were. 
I quickly decided to distract myself by setting up Dillon's SNS feeding and was able to hold him off with a pacifier until just before ascending into the air. Ready, set, latch!! Perfection. 
We enjoyed the people watching together. I fed him at the breast, gave him an extra bottle, played a little, and a nap later we were back on land! Halaylulah, we survived our first flight, and besides one squealing child, it actually wasn't as event a flight as I thought it would be. 
Over the course of our day Dillon got tons of "awww"'s, "how cute"'s, "isn't he precious"'s, gaping stares, and luckily no evil looks.....come to think of it, the gaping stares were mostly just for me, since I couldn't possible fit another bag anywhere near my body. I actually got more pity help from strangers than I did when I was 10 months pregnant.
That's when Lindsey came to pick me up, and I embarked on 4 full days of single motherhood. But it's okay, because I was quickly adopted by her family.
 It was actually a pretty smooth transition, considering the Wayne family is extremely similar to my own when it come to level of loudness and chaos. 
Dillon even survived his very first traumatic accident, when Teddy the fox dog tried to jump over him and ended up scratching his arm/leg, leaving behind a few red marks and an exhausted screaming baby.
I somehow survived until Patrick's arrival, and in the mean time took Dillon to a girl's day (where, probably out of boredom, he discovered his toes can do some pretty cool things), visited and had lunch/beer at the Dillon Dam Brewery in Dillon (after he survived his longest car ride to date), went for a couple of walks in Silverthorne overlooking the Dillon lake, stayed at an extremely nice mountain mansion (with a stuffed animal moose mount in the dining room and a hot tub with a beautiful view) with a house full of new people (including a 6 month old sweetheart that was the same size as Dillon), attended a wedding rehearsal/dinner, and did a whole lot of dishes on my own.  
But I must say, although single motherhood was do-able, with a network of help, I'd rather have my husband around to share the endless chores with! 

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