Monday, August 18, 2014

A Different Kind of Trip

When Lindsey and Greg's special day finally arrived, so did my husband, who'd been held hostage in Texas all week.
(Professional photo credit goes to the wedding photographer who's name I don't know!)
 I quickly turned around to excuse the rude person, who was obviously invading my personal space by bumping into me in the hotel parking lot when I was loading all my gear into the car, when I looked up to see that handsome familiar face. Thank goodness it was him; it saved me from having to kick anyone's ass..... 

It had been raining all week in the sunshine state, but this day was going to be beautiful for more reasons than cloudless skies. 
Dillon and I headed to the mountain mansion to help the girls get ready (I'd been ready since 6:30am....the things you have to do when you have a baby!) and make floral arrangements for the reception, while Patrick tried to catch up on some much needed rest. Being in two weddings in two separate states in a single weekend is tough work!
We made a wise decision to dress Dillon in his fancy man suit at the latest possible moment, as evidenced by the yellow sludge running down his leg and soaking into the belt of the carseat when we arrived to the venue. Oh the joys.....
Everything about the wedding was perfect, especially the part where Lindsey told Greg he was her "breast friend" during her vows........I'm cracking up just thinking about it!
Our usual reception partying was cut extremely shy, given our particular circumstance, but not being available for endless dancing didn't stop us from finding just the right moment to sing the two love birds an intimate kpLOVE original, written with their unique story in mind. 
Yeah....I may have started off a key too high, and Patrick may have played the chords in the wrong order during the first chorus, but we eventually found ourselves. 
Besides, great performances come in all different forms and I was most worried about keeping Dillon from crying into the microphone. #success
Patrick was so tired he could barely breathe, so we turned it in much earlier than normal, but not before he got a very special voice message from a particular favorite Baylor Bears coach, Scott Drew!
The rest of our week was a whirlwind of packing and unpacking (not much different from the beginning of my week.....being a hobo isn't quite as easy when you're toting around baby gear), lots of driving, sharing grub and touring the new house of the Heather and Will duo, catching up with Stu and Laurie and hitting up their block party, helping save some random wild life from the brink of death, getting our fill of Breck Brewery hot wings, seeing an old work friend over fro yo.......okay okay, you got me! Most of our time revolved around food.  
It was definitely a different kind of trip than we've taken in the past, but we always love our time in Denver!
Congratulations, MR. and MRS. Workman!! We love you guys!


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