Sunday, August 17, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 9

#1 Chillin' with my homies.....laid back....on this fine Sunday. - August 10
#2 Bathtime is one of my very FAVORITE activities; I can't wait to start my Bathtime Babies swimming lessons next week!!! - August 11
#3 One of the benefits to all my tough workouts is finally being strong enough to look at something other than Mom's boobs when we go for walks! - August 12
#4 Mom thinks it's time for bed, but I have other plans!!!! Bahahahahahaha. - August 13
#5 Just hangin' with my Uncle Dusty, yo. - August 14
#6 FACT: The only place worthy of nap taking is on Mommy. - August 15
#7 Mom and Dad say they're having Dillon sandwiches for dessert........I hope they're just kidding!! - August 16


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