Monday, August 25, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 10

#1 Me and my future girlfriend had a hot date tonight!! She's pretty cute, huh? - August 17
#2 You bet your sweet buns I'm a tough guy! I took a needle to each thigh today and can still crack a smile. - August 18
#3 Swimming-1. Me-0. I don't know what all the other babies were so happy about.....I was crying too hard to notice. - August 19
#4 I hate with Mom makes me to tummy time, but this weird squooshy seat is kinda fun! - August 20
#5 Afternoon talks with Dad; catching up on each other's day. - August 21
#6 (oops, Mommy fail!- August 22
#7  I wonder what all this means......They keep putting it in my face like it's very important, but I just don't know.....- August 23

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