Monday, July 28, 2014

You Down With O.M.?

Let's take a break from the only thing I ever seem to talk about now, and review something amazing that happened way back in April!!!
I'm in complete shock that it's already been four months since Jessica and Bobby tied the knot. How has this post manage to slip through the cracks?
Oh yes....that's right....I had pregnancy brain, and then I lost my placenta, and well....we all knows what happens after that! Luckily being pregnant doesn't seem to disable one's upper body so much, so I was able to do my own hair and makeup for the special event, and I'm all about saving money when I can.....even my toes pitched in to help!
So, back to the good stuff.....Remember that "Friends" episode where Chandler and Monica get married, and Joey officiated the wedding? Didn't you always wish you could go to a wedding where the ceremony was as cool and funny as that??? 
Not only did I get to go to a wedding like that, but in this case, our very good friends Jessica and Bobby were Monica and Chandler, I was Rachel (except everyone already knew I was pregnant), and Joey so happened to be my husband (except he wasn't late, didn't forget his lines, and was dressed way better)!!
It's not everyday a regular ol' girl like me gets to experience her husband officiating the wedding of her two very good friends. If I wasn't crying because of all the lovely-dovey wedding stuff, it was from being so impressed and inspired by Patrick's poise and closeness to God that day......
The poor guy was so nervous, I thought he was going to sprout 100 more gray hairs right there in front of the audience, but you never would have been able to tell if you didn't know him like I do. The ceremony was just long enough, just short enough, had just the right amount of tasteful humor, and I felt so special that he kept looking over to me every so often for support and approval.
Jessica therefore nicknamed Patrick "O.M.", Original Minister (insert the part where you think....that sounds familiar.....doesn't she mean Original Gangster?). She was even sweet enough to invite his parents, so they could witness their son making them proud.
I never thought I'd have the chance to be the Matron of Honor for anyone, and I definitely never thought that IF I ever did get the chance, it'd be so difficult to bend over and help the bride with her dress train, but you can bet your ass it didn't keep me from my duties!!!
A cold front blew in just before the big day and not only were we freezing, but the wind could have blown away a small child, which made for great fun for an outside wedding with outdoor pictures. At least it didn't rain!! During the ceremony, I envied all the guests sitting so close together, bundled up with blankets and cozy coats, while we toughed it like motionless frozen statues out at the alter, more exposed to the elements than any of us would have preferred.......but it was for a good cause
If you're wondering if the wedding and ceremony was actually as fun as all the pictures make it look, the answer is YES. Funnest wedding since my own. Period. 
With candy cigarettes to throw us back into younger years, fun music to get groovy to, grandma's pulling dresses up over their heads with excitement, a photo booth with ridiculous props, intensely dangerous hispanic wedding marches, and grooms getting tossed into the sky, there was never a dull moment. 
And I was sober. 
True to form, Patrick and I wrote/played a song for the newlyweds, but waited until the night before, so I couldn't remember my lines. 
After a LOOOONG night of dancing (I was sore for days after; those girls had no mercy on me......Also, aren't Patrick's parents too cute out there on the dance floor? They were one of the last couples on the floor for the "years of marriage" dance), we all headed outside to light sparklers and surprise the lovebirds with a sweet lovey song for the two of them to have one more lasting sweet moment in a romantically light room to close a perfect day.  
To one of my most favorite couples in the world: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


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