Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Losing It (with excitement or insanity?)

I'm seriously about to lose my mind.
Between getting man handled by airline companies and car rental companies and not knowing all the in's and out's of flying with a baby including but not limited to what to do about identification (since I didn't know how long it takes to get a birth certificate), car seats, formula, and the extra weight of general baby crap.....all while thinking about how I'm going to juggle it through the airport on my own with a NEWBORN is about to blow my mind. I'm not even good at navigating airports on my own without distractions, much less with a demanding baby who wants what he wants when he wants it and is devoid of reason. Trying to figure all of this out with that same baby, in a grumpy mood, fussing at me all the while is even more testing. He hates being bored; I don't blame him (I just walked him to sleep and have a brief moment to unwind while he sweats on's hot, but I'm too scared to take him out of the carrier and risk waking him up!).
If I don't have a mental breakdown before then, I'll be flying to Denver in exactly 2 weeks for Lindsey (my long ago travel nursing buddy) and Greg's wedding. 
Remember them? 
The two love birds have been at it for almost 6 years now..........hard to believe it's already been that long since we were living in California and took Lindsey skiing for the very first time, where she gave up, found herself at the lodge bar and met the man of her dreams. And to was all because we talked her into skiing down a blue a little too early in her skiing career. 
Things will probably get a little wacky.....because that's how we roll.
Leave it to me to let all this snowball on me 2 weeks before a trip! Yikes. Cross your fingers that I get out alive, that Patrick gets there in time, and we  don't end up completely broke or insane in the process! 
Who knows, if things go according to plan, we'll even get to see this crazy girl (Heather) and her lovely fiancé while we're there!
And even better, spend some time with Stu and Lorie! It's always a big reunion when we go to that other D-town we so know and love. 
Either way (smooth sailing or a bumpy ride), it will definitely be another adventure for the books!

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