Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dillon 1 Month: What the Hell?

Our sweet, handsome milk monster is 1 month old!!!
How did this happen? I have no idea how the last month of my life has gone by so fast. 
Never having to go to work and attending to a baby who had yet to even attempt converting to a day schedule until the last three nights has me at both a loss for any relevance to days of the week or time of day.
This boy lives to eat. Every day his total ounces consumed trends up and I gawk in amazement. His most ravenous time is early morning, just like his Mom, but unfortunately it's not okay for me to eat entire meals every hour like he can.
He started a little thing they like to call PURPLE crying that lasted the length of his last growth spurt, and true to form, he preferred to be unique about it. Ignoring the fact that most babies do this during the evening, when their parents are already awake, our child choose to stand out from the crowd by having his "special" time at around 3-4am, lasting until about 7-9am. Thankfully, I was already educated on this period babies can go through, so my enlightenment helped foster a little extra coping mechanisms I may not have otherwise been equipped with. I must say, though, no matter how much you know about a particular subject such as this, there's nothing that can fully prepare a person to soothe an un-soothable baby for 1-4 hours at a time when all you want to do is go back to sleep. Lets just say it made for a loooooooong week of growing.

Here are a few of Dillon's milestones/personality traits blossoming this month:

1. If I put him on my chest, he crawls his way to the position he wants to be in, and throws his head around (almost violently....he's even head butted me a couple of times) to migrate his way to a boob. He's very efficient at getting where he's going for such a little tike.
2. He farts more than any baby I've ever met in my entire life. Like Father, like son.
3. He's convinced pacifiers are a cruel joke invented by grown ups to torture babies with.
4. He's a total social butterfly who gets extremely bored and cranky if there isn't enough chaos around him at any given time. He can be constantly crying at home, but completely snooze through me tossing him around from carseat to carrier while running errands.
5. He loves to go fast (not of fan of stop lights.....but who is??)
6. He refuses to let us do anything about his razor sharp claws (and by that I mean scream bloody murder like we are cutting his extremities off with a spoon).
7. He LOVES to be held, cuddled, kissed, rocked, and sang to (as a matter of fact, he doesn't enjoy being put EVER....).
8. Three days ago he finally started to make the very slow shift to a proper day/night sleep schedule and is sleeping for a little longer in his new bed every night, AKA a new contraption we broke down and bought because he hates his bassinet, but it's not my bed, which means we can break less rules (trust me, you'd break the rules too, in the name of minimal sleep). I know what he's doing, though, he's faking me out before our trip, where he'll throw me for another loop!!!
9. He snorts when he's mad or really hungry, and other times he makes these really sweet little baby noises that melt my heart.
10. He graduated out of newborn diapers and newborn clothes this week......growing so fast!
11. He has like 6 hairs on the crown of his head that are exponentially longer than all the rest and can only be seen when glimmering in the sunlight that stick straight up in the air and tickle my face when I'm holding him.......and his mullet in the back is always getting that classic "bed head" look.
12. When he smiles, it's usually to one side or the other....mostly to the left, where that charming dimple appears.
13. He really enjoys bath time!

Everything else is just stuff that babies do, so I won't bore the world with it, even though it feels like something special when "you're" baby does it.


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