Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Not Turning into Ogre's

There was a time in my life when "going out" always meant heading to the bar to party too hard, stay out as late as possible, lose my voice, pee behind bushes in public places because I didn't want to wait in the bathroom line, and cuss at some random clueless drunk girl for leaning on me too much. 
Now, "going out" means calling up a couple of friends to make an appearance at a red carpet event and sign a few autographs.

"It's boring,'s a part of my life."-- Anchorman

JUST KIDDING!  I really had you going.....didn't I? Maybe it would have been more believable if I said, "blue carpet"?
What "going out" means now is having a couple hours of just grown up bonding time (only a couple because I still have to pump, and we still have to get to bed by sunset so we don't turn into ogre's to be functional the next day).......and probably just one glass of wine, maybe two if I'm feeling frisky.
Not only was this last week our first trail of spending time away from Dillon, it was also our first time to take him to a restaurant, WITH us!
Even though our family lives two hours away, they've still managed to pitch in to help make all these milestones happen (But not without a little extra multitasking on my pumping and fixing my hair at the same time......wasn't THAT a sight for sore eyes!). 
Dillon got to meet his Great Grandmother, Nana, during this process, and Callie made sure  he was safe around this "new comer". 
And as fun as it is to get away for little pieces of time here and there, I still can't wait to get home and snuggle with my little milk monster.
Thank you, FAMILY, for pitching in, in all your ways, so Patrick and me can still be Patrick and me. We appreciate it tremendously.........but NO, you may not keep him for an entire week while we're in Colorado. No can do. Nope nopiddy nopesters.

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