Sunday, July 20, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 5

#1 Oh boy oh boy how I adore the great outdoors!!!! - July 13
#2 First a new hipster outfit, then a walk in the cool-front breeze, then a swing with flying bugs, and now a visitor on the way?!? This day couldn't get any better! - July 15
#3 The beginnings of an childhood friendship!! Holden 4 months and Dillon 1 month!!!!! - July 15
#4 Mom and Dad took me to my very first restaurant outing tonight!! I slept the entire time, in the midst of chaos.....because that's how I roll. - July 16
#5 Guess who's 1 month old today?!?!? ME, that's who!!! - July 17
#6 I'm beginning to realize there's some really cool stuff hanging in the sky when mom puts me on my forest play mat. - July 18
#7 I got to meet my great grandmother, Nana, for the very first time today!!! My do mother made sure to stay really close, and make sure Nana did everything just right. - July 19


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