Sunday, July 13, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 4

#1 Playing with Granny and Grandaddy on this fine Sunday afternoon while mom catches up on laundry........I'm pretty sure I got the better end of THAT deal. - July 6
#2 This eating every 1-2 hours gig has me busting at my newborn seems and my Mom making it through life with one eye open. - July 7
#3 My #1 goal in life right now is to prevent my mom from doing anything productive, so she put me in this weird straight jacket.....funny thing is, I like it....I guess the joke's on her. - July 8
#4 Surrounded by girls, with a boob near my face.....that's the way I like to chill. - July 9
#5 I toughed-out my very first entire bath without crying, so Mom said I earned the right to wear my babababababa-baaad-to-the-bone onsie. Now I'm supa-relaxed. - July 10
#6 I'm dreaming about MAYBE sleeping in my own bed and not crying for 3.5 straight hours tonight so Mom and Dad can get some rest......but you know how dreams go; they rarely ever manifest into reality. - July 11
#7 I got lots of extra love and snuggles today.....just further solidifying the fact that I'm a total chick magnet. - July 12


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