Monday, September 30, 2013

Why Can't There Be A Carb Diet?

No, seriously; I'm for real. Out of all the crazy diets in the world, why can't living almost solely off of carbohydrates be one of those amazing mysterious get you skinny diets??? 
Patrick took me to my favorite Italian restaurant for our anniversary so I could eat so much fresh sourdough bread and calamari that I wouldn't be able to put a dent in my entree, therefore leaving plenty of leftovers to keep him from having to make me dinner for at least one or two nights.

I was so pleased with dinner and the beautiful bouquet of flowers I received earlier in the day that I forgot all about the self timer while I was singing him a happy song. 
It's a weird thing......not having enough room for more regular food, but having tons of room for dessert........
Not only is Pinkberry the BEST frozen yogurt ever invented, but it also reminds us of fun times as early newlyweds living in Cali. 
Never-mind my inch long hair dresser has been out getting married and honeymooning it up, so I'll forgive him for abandoning me in such an important time in my life. 
The tart and tangy pomegranate really knows how to bring out Patrick's sexy face, don't you think?
The girls behind the counter must have witnessed our little photo shoot of love making to our spoon full's of creamy cold yummy goodness, because they offered us some little cups of yogurt to take home and eat later!!!! For free!!!
I promise I ate a little bit of veggies for the night. You know, carb covered romaine lettuce and mushrooms drowned in sauce. I'll let you know how the "diet" goes. At this rate, I'll be either a size 4 or 14 in no time flat. 

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