Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust

A couple of weekends ago Patrick had a doubled day of fantasy football draft duties, so I scheduled a girl's day with me Madre. We managed eating breakfast at my favorite burrito joint, thrifting with Memma (who LOVES to wear crazy glasses) and Vickie, lunch at Ninfa's, pedicures and wine at the spa (thanks mom!), catching up with Bridgette and her family, taking Lucie to her new adoptive home, and pit-stopping for froyo, all before the dinner with Patrick's family (sans Patrick, who was still going strong with the boys).
Patrick said his goodbye's to Lucie that morning while reminding me a dozen times of all the things I needed to tell her new mom (so cute), and although she'll be missed, she's now in a much more functional home for a cat. 
Needless to say, we were both exhausted and hit the sack early like a couple of old folks; we had a big day of relaxation ahead of us and needed to be prepared!
After touring the progress on my parent's new house, I made my famous chicken salad (per popular demand), and since my dad is the only person in the world who hates it, my mom made him a special batch (since it was his birthday celebration).
It was a beautiful day to drink a beer in the shade and not work on my tan. 
Everyone had a snarky comment about how well I'm reflecting the sun these days. Even the camera seemed to be a wise ass about it. I thought pale protected skin was the new "in" look now days?....?.....
You may not know this about my mom, but she can make a mean bowl of homemade icecream. 
This recipe has less ingredients that you have fingers on one hand (unless something bad happened to a few of your fingers) and tastes exactly like a Wendy's frosty!
Who doesn't appreciate a pot belly full of ice cream while they're hanging out in their bathing suit?!?
With all the satisfied noises we were making, a little beggar became intrigued...... 
And of course, got her way......
Just like that, another weekend bit the dust.

Do you care about being "tan"? Does your family ever make homemade icecream? What's your favorite flavor/topping?


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