Monday, September 16, 2013

We Were Bribed into Fun.

Not that we don't enjoy having fun.....but when it came to buying tickets to see Fun, we weren't particularly ready to jump on the wagon. 
But Tim and Lara know the way to our hearts, and bribed us into going to the Fun concert by making us home-cooked hamburgers with a creative twist (peanut butter....who'd have guessed it?), cupcakes, and donated their extra tickets. FOR FREE. I tried to negotiate half price, but my offer was refused. Who are we to turn down such a sweet deal? Besides, they missed us. 
I don't really know how to go over to someone else's house and take their gifts without offering some of my skills in return, so I made my special french fries, chocolate covered strawberries and mud sticks to even the debt tally. 
Due to an ungodly amount of traffic on a late weekday evening, we missed most of Tegan and Sara's performance; it's a good thing bands usually save the best for last. You can hear their song "Closer" here

Even though the majority of Fun's vibes are typically a bit more theatrical sounding than I prefer, I did enjoy hearing them live, especially their songs that made it the radio (except that duet they have with Pink.......lame)
As soon as I put away my camera, a huge explosion of white confette burst from the stage, showering over the audience while the band members laid down to make snow angels. Although I would have given almost anything to be able to make real snow angels at that moment, the one thing that saved me was my old school hand fan. Why don't more people use those? They're amazing! I know for a fact everyone around me was jealous. 
Apparently I was having a severe case of tremors when I took this video, but if you stick around long enough you can partake in hearing the band banter with the audience for a bit. 

Have you ever tried a hamburger with peanut butter on it instead of your usual condiment? 


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