Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cuteness In It's Finest

I haven't dedicated an entire post to our fur babies in while, so after purging my phone of all it's cuteness, this is the result. 
You may notice quite the trend........
They really love my fuzzy blanket; we constantly battle over who gets more of it.
Have you ever seen puppies more comfortable? Besides comfort, they have very different priorities in life. 
 Sumo cares most about chillaxin' with his head on a pillow or snuggling...... 
.....and window watching with company (he starts solo and if he sees any action, will actually come get you and beg you to come look).
While Callie cares about treats and being surrounding by all her favorite toys (little by little, toy by toy, she adds to her collection until she feels comfortable enough to relax on the couch amongst her riches)......about once a week she even begs for me to overturn the toy basket so she can dig to the bottom and find something new. 
But something they both enjoy is exploring the world!! Heat or no heat, they're always excited to give it a try. 
This video may not have anything to do with dogs, but it was too hilarious of an animal video to not share!!!

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