Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Have Bad News and Good News

The bad news is, I've been behaving as if I have lost my marbles. 
The good news is there's a reason. I'm not actually losing my mind, it's just medication induced insanity. 
Brought to my attention by a co-worker while updating her on all the [what I thought was] self-inflicted chaos in my life, it turns out I've been experiencing some wild and crazy side effects from one of the new pills I've been popping.
Metallic (and sometimes soapy) taste (I was wondering why water tasted awful and my recently found love of Peanut Butter Cheerios went from obsession to disgust.........)
Fatigue (Hello, comatose episode, having zero motivation to do anything around the house lately, and even a harder time making myself workout.........)
Forgetfulness (Need I mention the Municipal court drama, and Patrick having to come up to work to bring me my house keys and my medications?.......)
No big deal; we can just add this to my already accruing list of headaches, constant bloat (to the point where Patrick even asked me the other day, "Is that your stomach poking out?!" out of shock, not realizing how offensive it may have sounded to an edgy women), haunting nausea, other stomach issues you'd be thankful for me omitting, along with a complete disinterest in veggies, and what we have left is some high-maintenance avatar of my former self (the one who hated to take medications to a point of using liquid multivitamins so she wouldn't have to swallow a pill; the one who had a stomach of steel; the adventurous one who loved the taste of just about any food on the planet, especially the healthy kind; the one who really liked working out; the one who, from what I can remember, usually had her act together.....minus the accident prone characteristic).
 I can only hope, that keeping a positive attitude no matter what kind of side effects I experience, no matter how many pills I have to carry around to take morning and night, no matter how many days I pee in a cup and hold a stick in it for 4 minutes to interpret the difference between two faint purple lines, no matter how many tally's accumulate of me trying not to wait on pins and needles every month to discover whether or not mother nature will take a 40 week vacation and finding myself failing miserably, that these efforts will one day pay off.
In no way do I want to infer ungratefulness for what science has to offer, or sound like I'm doubting God's ultimate plan, and I understand some of the best things in life require a great deal of patience and persistence, but it's difficult to keep a poker face 100% of the time, especially considering what I'm surrounded by on a daily basis. Until then, I need to complain about my lunacy for the sake of my know, to get it off my chest. Thanks, by the way, for letting me.
Now.........if I can just find a way to justify messiness.......Oh wait, that falls back to sleepiness, right?

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