Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody's Blood Sugar Gets Low

Saying I'm ready for summer to be over would be a severe understatement, especially when I fumbled my way through the darkness into my car before 6:00 am on Saturday morning and it was already 85 degrees outside.
  Reiterated: That's way too hot considering the sun wasn't even up yet!!!! Holy mother of Mary Theresa, can the first cold front of autumn head this way, ASAP?!?!?
Now that I'm done whining, I can tell you about the best time I ever had before a race; not that an event with exclusive intentions of walking would be considered a "race", if you're one of those serious racer people, but I figured since the title of the event was "Heart WALK",  the idea of not running a mere 5k distance could be excused, especially since my NICU people were trying to stick together as a group. (I'll be accepting my run-on sentence queen award after this post.)
With a DJ next to our THR booth blaring line dances and oldschool hip-hop, I couldn't keep myself off the dance floor, aka, the relatively small area of parking lot in front of the tent speakers with 20 other like-minded participants who couldn't help but to "get jiggy with it" at 7:30 am.

Check out those sweet dance moves.....
Add in the factors of free breakfast, a new bright t-shirt, other favors (like the flip book photo booth, click here to see how ours turned out), and Danny Gokey (remember him, from American Idol?) performing a mini concert under the opposing tent, and this night shift girl was totally awake and ready to party! Patrick even sacrificed sleeping in to support the cause with us (and be twinkies with me), which made me extra happy.
Eventually the fun came to an end and it was time for the "race" to begin. Sounds dramatic, I know, but seriously. The sun had no intentions of being shy, making it's full appearance and blazing down upon us like we were bugs under a magnifying glass. There was so many people crammed together within the limits of the road that air flow was completely stagnant and we were moving forward at the pace I'd imagine sedated zombies migrating back to their graves. It. Was. Miserable.
  Feeling like death was upon me, I realized I accidentally took the larger dose of my metformin that morning (oops) and only having a small pastry for breakfast before dancing around like a maniac probably wasn't helping the cause. Knowing that I'm a terrible person for even considering bailing the actual race, I was afraid if I didn't I'd be crossing the finish line on a stretcher. Luckily, looking like an ant in an ant pile made for an easy escape without being noticed, to save embarrassment.
 The nice cool air conditioned DART perked me right back up, and our trio was back to being crazy (and probably annoying the people around us) in no time flat.
 Super excited about Gabriel's arrival, we stopped by the hospital to steal him away for a few minutes and congratulate Ale and Zack on their precious little boy.
 And even though Ale gave me some cookies to hold up my blood sugar, we were in desperate need for some real food. Bobby got off work early and came to join us for some Urban Crust, because we're always in the mood for pizza!
 It's no surprise that I was ready to crash early.........like 2:00 pm early. But then again, I had worked the night before, so I think I held up pretty well!
P.S. I heard after the race, several people needed medical attention for IV's and such. I'm thinking I made the right decision!!!!
P.P.S. Does this count as my first even "Did Not Finish"????

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