Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here's to Aging Gracefully!!!

When I was in grade school, one year seemed like a lifetime. As a high school-er, I only remember thinking about years in increments of four, which seemed like an eternity. And yet somehow, the last decade passed in the blink of an eye. 
I'm proud to say I graduated with some of the best people around; a philanthropic, strong, charismatic, independent group of youth.
 I'm even more proud to say, 10 years later, I still feel the same way. In a town still recovering from a tragedy with peers and their families nevertheless enduring a traumatic and uninvited transition in their lives, they are moving forward with graceful strides, and laughing in fellowship despite circumstance.
Because in West, if there's a reason to celebrate, there WILL be a PARTY.
 As if being alive and off work for one more Saturday wasn't a good enough reason as any to have a shin-dig, being able to reconnect up close and personal with long lost friends over food and drink (Courtesy of Trevor, Jeff, and Ryan.) is a pretty good topping to a damn fine cake (Good job Audra; I didn't have any, but it looked amazing).
It's unfortunate to hear that so many people these days don't care about going to their reunions because they "know everything they need to know from Facebook", or if they "really wanted to hang out with those people they would, and since they haven't, might as well not start now". 
Really...........? It might not be surprising that I have a few rebuttals. 
1. Internet will never replace the connection felt from personal contact. (Last time I checked, you can't give hugs or tap Dixie cups for a cheers on Facebook!)
2. It's impossible to have a close relationship with every person you've ever encountered (unless you're a social superhero who never spends a moment at home).
3. As a wise friend of mine once said, "I'm up for anything with just about anyone once every ten years."
4. The people you went to school with must not be as fun as the people I went to school with. (In this case, I'm sorry about your misfortune, but maybe you should give them another chance.....they could have improved with age....)
Once the games commenced, it was time to get serious crazy. 
Beer pong is a gender neutral classic; even Jimmy Fallon played against Betty White on his show. 
And Domino's is a popular choice amongst the boys. 
But my favorite?......My favorite is flip cup. 
When there's beverages to be drank, shit to be talked, fun to be had, and laughter to be belted, rooting at the top of your lungs for your assembly line of teammates while they try and flip over a wet cup from it's bottom to it's top is a priceless experience.  
When Patrick, my distinguished (thank you ladies) husband and Designated Driver (who got offered many shots in the grand spirit of inclusion and acceptance), asked me when I wanted to leave I replied, "When there aren't any more people left," to which I'm sure he thought, "Oh boy, it's going to be one of those nights where I have to drag her to bed and hold her down to wash her face with a damp hand-towel." And then the nostalgic Boons Farm Strawberry Hill was busted out (shout out to Misty!).....he just thought he should be nervous before!!!
But lucky for him we had to leave KC Hall by midnight or we'd all turn into pumpkins and neither of us had an overnight bag, or I know for sure I would have been able to talk him into driving me to the after party at the tiny bar in town and then to a campfire, and then woke up Sunday morning on someone's couch or living room floor on a home-made pallet of blankets with a massive hangover. 
And THAT, is how you do a High School Reunion. (But the most important part, is that you do do it {typing "do do" is way easier than saying it.......you know.....because of the "doodoo" thing}.)


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