Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Free Fallin'

We free fell right into an adventure with little expectations and crossed fingers. ROAD TRIP!!!! The places we were headed to limited visitors on a first come first serve basis; we couldn't even make reservations for camping! Luckily, everything turned out as perfect as life gets.
My grand plan to start our exploration off by stopping to take pictures with the blooming sunflowers I fell in love with a couple of weeks ago under the setting summer solace sun was trumped when we realized they had been replaced by wilted drooping fields instead of the vibrant perky yellow that once was, so I propped my feet on the dash, and buried my nose in a book.
We were prepared for Friday evening traffic to delay our way out of the metroplex, but somehow we managed to slide by it all unaffected. The drive actually couldn't have been smoother, me not caring about the usually annoying buzz of A.M. radio since I had a good book to read, and Patrick not caring that I was far far away in a fairy tale land because he was so interested in listening to the baseball game.
We dropped the puppies off to stay with Granny and Grandaddy for the weekend and quickly got back on the road again to stay in Austin for the night. When we got to Karen and Tim's house, our names were thoughtfully written on the chalkboard for a warm welcome and we stayed up past our "bedtimes" to catch up on life over wine. 
Just before bed, Patrick broke the news to me that we'd have to wake up even more extra early than we'd already planned, since he forgot to bring his bathing suit on a trip that would predominantly include swimming and we'd need to go scout one out at the store. I guess making a list can only go so far if you forget it at work! 
I guess a picture with a not so prime sunflower is better than no picture with a sunflower, but mainly I just wanted to showcase how massively tall these flowers are!!! 

Do you ever make a packing list, or just wing it every time and hope you don't forget anything too important?


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