Monday, June 24, 2013

Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed

Throw back.
A few of weekends ago we made it to Waco for an early Father's Day get together. While we were there, I realized I've somehow morphed into one of those cliche adult figures when Emily looked at me like I was a complete stranger after I told her, "Your mom doesn't owe you any money. She's paid for your entire life." She'll understand one day, but until then she's still the little girl who loves butterflies so much she told her Granny about how she wants to go to a monarch sanctuary soon, but screamed and yelled, "Bug!!" every time one landed near her while we were in the swimming pool, ironically while she was wearing her new bathing suit decorated with bright colored monarchs.
We spent some time trying to teach the puppies how to swim to the stairs as an escape route in case they ever fall in the pool, instead of their current reaction, which would eventually result in drowning. Now they're about as competent as a blind bat with no sense of smell trying to fly it's way out of a bank volt with the door locked shut.
I give up.  
But they did have a lot of fun biting at the water stream spraying from the noodle gun. 
After the Rangers lost in the 18th inning, *cough* disgrace *cough*, Patrick and I got cleaned up and went out for our 15% cheat meal at Ninfas, where he totally butchered my dare. He was suppose to take our young green waiter off guard by saying, "I'd like a doggie bag (because it sounds funny when a grown man asks for a "doggie bag"), half a sopapia (because I really just wanted a bite), and a quarter of the check (because that's all we wanted to pay for)," but instead, completely stumbled over his words and giggled out, "I need the check, a doggie bag, and a quarter of the check."
We both looked at each other and started laughing so hard we could barely speak in comprehensible gibberish to tell the waiter what we really needed, and everything was awkward after that, especially since the waiter had no idea why we were laughing so hard.
I tried to tell our Ninfa's story the next day after lunch to our families and my dad responded with, "Humph, I guess you'd just have to be there....."
That's cool, Dad, act like you're not impressed. But it really was funny. 

Do you ever try to tell a story that you thought was really funny, but no one laughs after the delivery?


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