Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Challenge Accepted

Our original Friday night plans to hang out on the couch, including me more than likely falling asleep super early becuase I'm lame like that when I get too comfortable, went completely out the window when the opportunity to explore a new place and see a new long distance friend came into the picture. 
Patrick likes to photograph candids. Then he saves the pictures on his phone and never tells me about them; that's how I found this gem.
Grapevine is merely a 30 minute drive from us, but we've never had much of a reason to visit, so we were just as clueless to the little-big-country-town-next-to-the-Metro as Will. With that in mind (and the fact that trying to make last minute plans with our temporarily car-less friend through Facebook in order to communicate around a dead cell phone battery who then "accidentally" game me the wrong telephone number to text causing me to annoy the crap out of someone who responded to me in all capitol letters seemed to throw us back to our ill prepared college days) we decided to go someplace that had a little bit of everything, including a cantina with a patio on a fake San Antonio Riverwalk. The Gaylord Texan Resort and Hotel is what I'm calling Vegas meets Texas; a pretty darn tootin' cool place, but a tad pricey. 
I had a failing photography moment and only took a single photograph, compliments to the grace of ol' blacky's handy dandy self timer and a to-go container delicately balanced on a light pole serving as a tripod, which all things considered, could be re-classified as a winning photography moment. 
I'll let Sir William make the final call though, who requested we take a picture in front of something to represent the essence of Texas (challenge accepted and conquered), since he's the fancy photographer who was in town to be on the news and talk about backpacking. As fun as it was to have a chance to get to know him better, we surely missed our friend Heather who is talking about both subjects (backpacking and her hunk) today on her blog.
Oh yes, and then while driving home, we took a wrong turn getting on Bush and drove 20 minutes in the opposite direction of our house. 
Pat: Man, everything looks different when it's dark outside....
Me: Yeah, I was thinking that too. Let me just check my map to make.......Uh. Oh.
And when we finally made it home, I went upstairs to take my makeup off, only to realize I never finished putting it on.
Me: Hunny, did you notice I didn't have on mascara tonight?
Pat: What's mascara again?
One day we'll get ourselves together......

What's your Friday night preference: try something new or glued to the couch?


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