Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quick Sand: Project Pretty Week 13

Sooo.......I'm still squeezing every ounce I can out of my yoga groupon and it's really starting to pay off. Just last year I was horrible at any exercise involving balance (always the first to wobble and fall over), but I've really been working on improving the strength of my bone hugging muscles, and this week I was a rock-star during balance training. The instructor didn't even have to correct my form on any of the poses; he actually came over to help me progress. I attributed this boost of strength to Jock Jams. (I know this completely goes against yoga mentality, but sometimes I like to look around and see what everyone else is capable of, and I was one of the leaders of the pack.
My confidence level couldn't stay too high for long, though. Shawn T. was sure to bring it back down below sea level with a super-kick-my-butt-into-the-floor-workout. It's been a while since I played an Insanity video, so I don't know why I went with the more advanced version......pure stupidity I guess. Callie made sure she was extra annoying in a really cute way by getting in my face to lick the sweat off my forehead every single time I came down to her level for a squat-push-up.
Even though it seems like my fitness has improved in quite a few aspects, I've managed to gain 10 pounds over the last year...........emotional eating perhaps? I was just thinking the other day (when it hit 90 degrees outside, geez) how I totally wasn't ready for bikini season. Then I snapped out of it. Who cares?? My husband thinks I'm sexy exactly the way I am.
(One night during dinner this week, when I looked over to him and caught him staring.)

Patrick: I really like to watch you eat.
Me: Why?
Patrick: It's kinda sexy.
Me: It is?
Patrick: I know it's crazy, but I'm kinda obsessed with you. Sorry.

Or maybe he's just trying to fatten me up so no one else will try to steal me away. He's probably sneaking extra protein powder into my food...........OMG.......So THAT'S why he's been cooking so much!!

Do you ever feel like you can't improve in one thing without having something else slip away into quick sand?


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