Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Than Just a Walk

Do you ever stop to look at things the way you did as a kid, just to regain a different perspective?
It doesn't matter how many times we take Callie and Sumo to the park, they always have the same eager attitude, look at the big world with similar wonder in their eyes, and never want to go home. There's not anything in particular to do there but run, walk, smell, and look, but those are the same things we enjoyed doing as kids, isn't it?
Much more happens on our walks than just holding hands and stretching our legs. Some sort of magical electricity volts through our senses as we take the time-out to reconnect, away from the world. We talk about our day without  the distraction of technology. We race just for fun, and compare dandelion blowing techniques in efforts to eliminate all the seeds, hoping it will result in a wish coming true. We inhale the scent of spring, and take the time to look around. Sometimes one of those senses triggers a long lost memory to be shared. Like how I used to willingly lay in blankets of weeds, relentlessly searching for that one 4 leaf clover I was sure to find but never did. Then we both look down for a moment, and start counting clover leaves. 
 We may not be kids anymore in the literal sense, but we both agree it's still fun to go outside for running and walking and smelling and looking; just us, our puppies, and nature. 
It's important to not forget these uncomplicated things in life, and to never stop taking the time-out for an act as consummate and fulfilling as bonding.
Do your heart and your psyche a favor today; go on a walk, and enjoy yourself!

How do you stay connected with your family?


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