Wednesday, April 3, 2013

At least It Happened on April Fool's Day!

It's almost embarrassing how much I didn't do this last week. 
 I won't even go into detail since it's boring to go into detail over sleeping, eating, and breathing, but sometimes a girl just needs to relax into a near coma for a while to maintain some sanity. I like to call it beauty rest. 
I did manage to get out for a family walk, though. Looking at all the tree blossoms almost makes sneezing every 5 minutes worth it.
The puppies are LOVING the way the sun heats up the tiny cement slab in our backyard. Their little hearts are content sitting there for hours, just smelling all the pollen the air. 
I also helped my brother decorate his apartment. It's now officially manly-esk instead of boy-blah, and if he ever manages to convince a girl to come over, I'm convinced she'll be impressed. 
Then April 1st rolled around and I rolled off the couch once again to go to work. Last week was a really rough one up there, and I was hoping for a change of pace. I walked into the unit with high hopes when the charge nurse looked at me and said, "Are you suppose to be here today? I didn't write your name on anything." 
Hahaha....April fools!! You're joking! Right? RIGHT?
Nope. I really wasn't on the schedule (a downfall to sporadic 3 day work weeks). I called Patrick to let him know I was on my way home, hoping he would believe me and I wouldn't have to convince him it was a cruel April Fool's joke.
Initially torn between to being happy I didn't have to work and sad I wasted another day of doing nothing in preparation for work, knowing I'd be sleepless all night causing me to squander the following day with more sleep, when I saw my little family waiting for me on the couch there was no mistaking my elatedness to be home. No day is wasted with these faces, no matter how short. 
I guess if I never did anything stupid I'd hardly have anything to write about, but how silly that it happened on such a silly day. 

Do you participate in April Fool's Day jokes?


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