Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We'll See About This

"If you can save lives, you can grow a plant."
That's what my mom said to me in the check-out line at Home Depot on Sunday. 
Bound and determined for me to inherit the green-thumb of my ancestors, my mom and Nana armed me with the supplies I needed to replace the mud pit corner of my yard with a small garden, and helped me get the roots in the ground.  
While Callie hid in the farthest corner, weary from all the chaos, Sumo submerged himself in the middle of the action. His three favorite things in life are hugs, outside, and being around people, so he was a happy camper through and through. 
I genuinely know absolutely nothing about nurturing a garden, but darn it, I'm gonna give it everything I've got to keep it alive!! Who knows, maybe sometime this summer I'll have some tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno's  and basil leaves to cook with!
While we were at it, the rosemary bush my mother-in-law got me for Christmas found a new home to stretch it's roots into, and we planted the pine tree Patrick's work gifted us. I'm crossing my fingers the tiny sprig of mint I have left, after being indoors all winter, is healthy enough to bounce back with a vengeance. 
We decided it was finally safe to bring my array of potted plants outside, and the dresser my mom found for free on the side of the road worked as a perfect display shelf. A little rearranging of this and that, and now we have a charming vintage outdoor space.
I learned so many things about roots. Who knew plants got "root bound" or how to fix it??? Now I do! I do!
Oh instagram filters.....you rock!
After a earnest day's work, we sent the fam' home, then Patrick and I showered all the fertilizer off our sweaty bodies to get presentable for a date to the movies. I'd been dying to see The Host ever since I read Stephanie Meyer's book last year! Only problem was, we'd vowed not to spend ANY money for 2 weeks, and as we were walking out the door we did a double check {to make sure we had our gift card}...............AND COULDN'T FIND IT. We turned the house upside-down looking for that very important tiny plastic rectangle and was about to admit defeat when we looked under the couch one last time, this time with the flash light app on Patrick's phone. Viola. 
Running late, we pushed to the edge of speed limits on the highway to trim down lost time, only to completely miss our exit due to construction. Finding the theater in the mall presented it's own challenge, and after making it to the ticket line, the process was slowed once again by an over-achieving youngster behind the counter who seemed to actually enjoy his job a little too much for my taste. It was looking like catching the beginning of this movie just wasn't in the cards for us. 
When we finally walked into the theater, the last preview was playing. Whew, that was a close one! The best part is, there were only 3 other people in the room, so we got to choose prime-real-estate seating. 
The good thing about vowing not to spend money and running too late to be tempted into buying a soda or popcorn at the theater (even if we wanted to break our own rule), was having room for home-made pizza when we got home!! Yes, I'm a little embarrassed to say my husband knows how to work the Kitchen Aid Mixer better than I do, but I'll take the shame any day for his crust-making-skillz. 
The man is talented, people. Chicago or New York style; he's got the know-how. 
As for making E.T. fingers.....well, he's pretty much an expert at that too. His talents are endless. "Eliot. Oooouuch......"

P.S. I told my mother it was way easier to save lives than to grow a plant, but I'd try to live up to her expectations, regardless. 

What's your favorite pizza style: Chicago or New York?


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