Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's A Crazy Life

When my husband sends me this text message, "When will I get to read a new blog?", it means a couple things. #1 I've been slacking on holding myself accountable to my non-existent but very real make-believe writing deadlines. #2 He likes to read my blog and that makes me happy (He's not allowed to read drafts or look over my shoulder while I write. Ever. So he lives in a constant state of suspense to read about my interpretation of our every day lives.)
I can't even explain how crazy life has seemed this week. Actually I could explain it very well, but my better judgement dictates that I should literally not go into detail..........just yet. Maybe later? Needless to say, my thoughts and spare time have been directed elsewhere.
On a different note, in the wake of all the hateful acts we've seen go down recently, I feel it's important to keep out heads up and focus on positive things, like all the passionate people who care to make this world a better place, and people with legit skill"z".
For example, have you ever heard of Uni-Geezer?? I had no idea this universe of action unicycling existed. Check it out.

There's a whole slew of them out there on youtube!!! It seriously makes me want to add this to my list of hobbies.

What do you think? This almost 60 year old makes unicycling look easy, huh?


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