Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Showers

It's official, the spring showers are starting to make their debut. We've got rain, thunder, lightening, hail, high winds, and baby parties rolling out the wazoo.
With my mom in town to help kick start operation-get-my-brother's-apartment-decorated and watch me run the next day, my morning was booked. We ate kolaches, searched for sales at Hobby Lobby, and played dress up while wine tasting in World Market.
Then it was straight to Ale and Zach's house for their gender reveal party, not to be confused with a trans-gender reveal party (true funny story of confusion and misconception)! To add a little friendly competition, everyone was suppose to dress in blue or pink to indicate their prediction.
Patrick and I kept things neutral, because in the world are we suppose to know what it is? The first thing Ale said to me (or to be more accurate, yelled at me) when I walked into her living room was, "WHERE'S YOUR COLOR?" Duh, my earrings, silly. One blue, one pink. Wink. Wink. 
Is anyone else LOVING how Patrick's beard is staying black in the most awesome places, while the rest turns grey? I'm pretty sure he hates it, but I think it adds personality. 
Since it was seriously storming outside, complete with those crazy balls of ice falling from the black clouds threatening to take an eye out and rain drops coming down so big and hard (that's what she said) we could barely hear each other talk in the car on our way to the party, the gender revealing balloon box had to be opened indoors. The host pulled one over on everyone by having a decoy box filled with yellow and green balloons, but the second left no room for guessing. Blue, blue, blue. I was kind of expecting to see the next box filled with purple and turquoise, or kittens and puppies even, but I guess tricking your audience more than once is taking it too far.
It should be no surprise that we left straight from that shower, to another baby shower. Tina will be having a little girl soon, and I never miss an opportunity for chips and salsa. 
From there, Jess and I had a hot date with some sauce covered noodles and garlic bread sticks at Olive Garden, where apparently everyone else in Plano decided to carb load for big race too. Lucky for us our posse arrived way early, while we were still showering, so we didn't have to wait long. Not evidenced by pictures was a ginormous amount of food consumed and Bobby putting on a show for us, the waiter, and everyone else who couldn't help but stare at our obnoxious table. Maybe next time we should rethink letting the boys have a drinking date before dinner...........
And now that I kinda feel like I'm just making a list of everything thing I did last Saturday, excluding a few other details that no one cares about, I might as well finish it. I made a bee line path to my bed as soon as possible (10:30pm), squeezed my eyes shut, and laid there........too much on my mind to sleep.
  Am I waking up early enough in the morning to catch the train? Should I wear my knee brace or will the KT tape be good enough? Oh shoot, I need to remember to cut my toe nails, and get an extra safety pin. Will I be cold running in only a thin shirt? Did I put everything I need in my bag? Should I even bring a bag? What if gear check loses my jacket I love so much? Will my little running water bottle be too big or too small?..........
The list, people, it went on and on until I finally fell asleep.........only to be woken by that man I live with turning the t.v. on as he got in bed while loudly crunching on fresh popped popcorn, and a greedy begging puppy walking all over me with his eye on the bag of food. 
Sigh. Sleep is for sissy's I guess. 

Do you have a traditional meal to eat the night before you run a long race?


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