Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Lucky Day

When I got a text message from my friend Carrie, asking if I was busy Friday night, I really and truly thought she was about to ask me if I minded babysitting for a while. I thought about it quick, then responded with a "nothing", because I love those little boys, crazy as they are
My instincts seriously lead me in the right direction, because she was actually offering me free tickets in the lower level to the Mavericks game, the first game Jason Terry would be showing his face back at Dallas since he left us for the Celtics. As if that wasn't good enough, we even got a free parking pass.
Sitting in the lower level was so much fun, but I was confused when I looked down the row past Patrick and saw the men next to him using binoculars. 
"What you are doing? You don't need those! You're not in the nose bleeds, ya know!" I jokingly said to one of them. 
"Oh ya, I know. That's not what we're looking at."
Oh. I see. "Boobies.........."
He then proceeded to explain to me that it was okay since he was single and on a man's road trip, as long as they keep things discrete. 
Because everything about binoculars says "discrete"!!! Men........
I don't know about other areas of the country, but right now Duck Dynasty is pretty much a big deal here. Poor Patrick missed the whole video skit of the starting player's heads pasted into DD episodes like a jib jab, and the follow up of every bearded guy in the crowd getting zoomed in on by the camera guys......All because I sent him away for popcorn. I felt bad, so I let him finish the bottom of the bucket, even though it's one of my favorite things to do. 
Neither of us missed this wonder lady, though! I was already impressed with her ability to wheel around on what may be the tallest unicycle in the world, even more impressed when she kicked a bowl onto her head while wheeling around on probably the tallest unicycle in the world, and speechless when she kicked 5 bowls at one time onto her head when she already had like 10 bowls stacked up there, all while continuing to ride that unicycle!! I can't even type it into sense, because it doesn't make sense at all!! I'm not sure if Patrick even enjoyed it since he was worrying so bad that she might fall!
The ref's were making some terrible calls, keeping it a nail biting 5-10 point game the entire 4 quarters, and unlike those who left early to beat the crowd, we stayed until the last second. Very exciting......but poor Patrick couldn't use the word of his choice, since I busted his bubble by explaining to him "bazinga" means "just kidding" or "gotcha", not "I'm excited". Such a tragedy for him. 
The cold front clouds were hovering, and those specks that look like snow was the freezing cold mist falling from the sky as we made our exit. 
Too bad I forgot to bring my big blue pointy finger hand to the game, I was so ready to annoy some people by waving it around in the air and point it at some crappy referee's while I was booing their terrible calls!!
Free tickets that would have easily cost us $1000, a winning game, a free big blue pointy finger hand, and snuggle weather.....It must have been my lucky day!

Have you ever tried to ride a unicycle?? Do you think you could??


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