Monday, March 18, 2013

You Can't Always Get What You Want

If I had to be honest, then I'd have to admit I had been feeling pretty anxious about how I would handle this weekend. All sorts of mixed feelings had been floating around in my head about how I might or might not feel, and I was completely clueless about how it'd all end up affecting me. After all, it almost feels like yesterday that I was expecting to give birth on March 17. It's a really awkward and backwards kind of grieving process to experience, especially when I'm at the stage of my life where everyone around me is expanding their families (seemingly effortlessly), and I'm left with choosing to be happy for their successes or wallowing in my own selfish sorrows. 
Thank goodness for the ability to stay busy, supportive friends and family, and guardian angels. I think someone has been praying really hard for me, because although it was always in the back of my mind, I was able to not let it dominate my emotions, and I think I can say the same for Patrick. 
But that's not what the pouty faces are all about; we have lots of blessings.
Our lips are puckered because after a day of sleeping in, making pumpkin pancakes, and cuddling while watching a day worth of Netflix movies, we decided to get dressed and walk a block down the street to a place called Mr. Wok; it's tantalizing aroma is always under our noses when we walk the dogs in our little townhouse neighborhood and the parking lot is always full! Convinced it must be amazing and itching to try it, we finally found the time. 
Only thing is, once we got to it, we realized something was wrong. Not a single car in the lot. Walking up to the dark restaurant, we see not one, but TWO "D" Magazine recognition stickers on the door, and a sign that says they are open all day every day..........EXCEPT SUNDAYS!!! What is this, Chick-Fil-A?!?!?
Determined not to get too beat down with disappointment, we walked back home to hop in the car and find another Asian place, since now nothing else would suffice. I thought of a crusty looking place off the highway that I'd noticed always looked busy, Zenna, so we wasted no time finding it. We got there just in time to enjoy happy hour food prices, and ordered an array of things to try. This place turned out to be such a pleasant surprise with their delicious sushi rolls, Thai food, and dancing dragon entertainment!!!
I was feeling really adventurous and tried a soup called Tom-Kha Kai (chicken, mushrooms, and coconut milk in lemon grass broth, with chili paste and cilantro). It had a bit of a startling flavor at first, but was actually pretty addicting with it's interesting characteristics......sweet and tangy and brothy but fresh. 
Full, happy, and satisfied, we headed back home to watch another Netflix movie no one has ever heard of......because Netlix is weird like that.
It's true, you can't always get what you want, but you usually do get what you need. (Thanks, Rolling Stones.)

How do you cope when you don't get what you want?


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