Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pizza, Music, and Red Lipstick

I didn't forget to mention the last insanely fun concert night we had just before leaving for vacation, but there just hasn't been enough time to squeeze it in!..........UNTIL NOW!
You know it started off right, with red lipstick in downtown Dallas and good company over amazing pizza. (In case you're wondering, we eat pizza A LOT.) Laura and I always save room for dessert, especially when it involves Nutella and roasted marshmallows. 
One of the best things about Neo's is it's location, conveniently right across the street from House of Blues. 
This music hall was all decked out for Fat Tuesday and ready to rumble. And rumble it would, because we happened to have tickets to the sold out Imagine Dragons concert!!! 
Can I just say, I think this might be one of the best photo-bombed pictures ever made. Those boys.......can never trust 'em!!
Something magical happens when I text a concert wish to Tim: It always comes true! 
Several months prior, I knew I liked a few songs by this band, but didn't realize just how cool they were until I watched a documentary about them on my favorite music channel, Palladia. They instantly became a favorite on mine and Patrick's Pandora playlist, and the rest was history.
I don't know what Patrick did to that cartoon guy in the back staring him down, because I was too busy making a hot mess of myself at the bar, running into completely unsuspecting people, spilling a brand new drink all over the bar before I could even take the first sip. "I swear I'm completely sober!!" I pleaded to the bartender........just also a complete klutz!
Atlas Genius opened the show. You may have heard their most famous song already, Trojans, which is pretty impressive, considering they hadn't even released their first album until a week after this concert and already had a large enough fan base to be nominated for awards and tour with Imagine Dragons!
They had a great live sound and the lead singer was loaded with snarky comments to make the audience laugh. He even wore someone's cowboy hat for a song, in the spirit of being in Texas.
During the band break, all the black sheets were finally pulled of stage, revealing the extensive set of various drums waiting to be pounded, including one particularly ginormous Odaiko.
Despite the band coming out full of energy and drama, the balcony crowd stayed pretty mellow, which I could only assume must have been a result of most people not knowing many of their songs. Laura and I Redidn't care; we stood alone, dancing and singing proudly amidst the sea of sitters. With every song, we looked to each other saying, "OMG, I can't believe they're playing that one already......What are they going to finish with?!?" But they never ran out of impressive cards to play.
It was really fun to watch the lead singer, Dan Reynolds, bring his inner rhythm alive on stage. Not many moments went by without him running around thrashing one of the various drums laying around, like these beats consumed his body and if he didn't let them out he'd spontaneously combust. It was his religion in that moment, completely connected to each song's force.
By the time they played Radioactive, there wasn't a warm seat in the house, every chair abandoned by fans would couldn't help but stand, raise their arms, and scream along to their jam. My favorite part was a breakdown that lasted forever, where every member in the the band was pulverizing the drums, creating such a climatic effect..........and I'm not even a drum fanatic.
As we walked out, satisfied with our musical experience, we noticed a line of cars wrapped around the block with parents waiting behind the wheel for their children to come out of the venue..........minors at a concert on a week night?..... unchaperoned in downtown?...... did we miss something?
Anywho, if you don't know who Imagine Dragons are, you're missing out on some great Alt Nation/Indi Rock. If you trust me, you should watch one of my new all time favorite videos (top of the page). Also check out "It's Time", "Demons", "Bleeding Out", "On Top of the World", and "Hear Me"; they're all great songs!

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