Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Game Changer

It took a lot of communication, but eventually we were able to get carpool together for the Dallas Rock 'N' Run expo. 
I know you were totally fooled by that picture and thought we must have taken a party bus to get there, but there was actually only 4 of us, two squinty eyed Elvis wanna-be's and two big eyed Elvis impersonators. 
It was by far, the most creative expo I'd ever been to, not that I've had a trillion experiences for comparison or anything.
Standing at this stage was really weird and akward. It really felt like an old western movie clashed together with Land of the Lost. I stood there long enough for the fake lizard dressed in tempo running clothing and brooks shoes to break loose and reek havoc through the spectators while his guard pretended to chase him around, then went set off in my quest to win something.
What I found, just sucked me into another movie, Big, and I was actually too scared to see what my fortune was..........let's face it, that guy looks pretty creepy. But then I made my way over to a mountain with different styles of running shoes strategically placed along the slopes and a trophy at the peak.
After watching several people lose, I put my game face on and won this awesome huge blue foam hand......score!! Not quite as good as winning a new pair of shoes, but still winning!
A few hours of silly picture posing, product testing, and deal shopping later, we finally decided to get our butts out of there before we found ourselves doomed to Friday afternoon traffic.....but not before discovering two last booths that I'm pretty sure saved my life on race day.
Two words: Magic Tape. 
I simply told some PT's about my issues and they fixed me up with Kinesiology tape. Thank goodness I showered and shaved before we left the house (not always a given when it's cold outside)!!! The extra cool thing is they guy who taped me was teaching one of the other therapists, so I got to learn the method. In my world it's "See one, Do one, Teach one," which would come in handy in a couple of days. 
I didn't notice a difference right away, but later when I got home and took the stairs I felt like a whole new woman. 
And last but not least was, The Stick. Skeptical at first, I asked about this invention, "So it's pretty much the same concept as the foam roller, right?" is, but the difference is it can get so much deeper than the foam roller at lower parts of your body, since unlike the foam roller, it doesn't require body weight to do it's job. Another plus, you don't have to roll around on the ground to use it and it's not as big and bulky!!!
The vendor guy found the problem area in my calf almost immediately and taught me how to target it, something I wasn't able to do with the foam roller. I was sold and addicted. 
Don't get me wrong, I still love the ol' foamy for other things, but............
I got a feeling.......Woooohoooo, That tonight's gonna be a good night, Yes, Tonight's gonna be a good night, Oh, Tonights gonna be a good good night! 
Oh sorry, I got distracted. 
But really, I got a feeling after leaving that place, that my worries about having to quit the race due to calf pain should be put at bay, because I had sports medicine on my side. 

Have you head of The Stick? How do you feel about KT tape?


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