Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Doggie Fetish

Since the recent time change, we've had more daylight after Patrick gets off work to spend time with the puppies outside, so we thought what better way to spend it than taking them to the dog park we found on my last long run to let them run around and make canine friends??
This place is a huge safely gated park, separated into large dogs and small dogs by weight, equipped with balls, fresh fountain drinking water, a fake red fire hydrant for territory marking, and even seating for humans.
Our initial experience was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect place to sit and watch everyone have a good time, perfect doggy behaviors.
It was so fun, we actually decided to go back again the very next day, this time with snacks and a beer for each of us in my purse so we could kick back and enjoy the atmosphere while the pups ran around. 
But as we all know, things are rarely ever perfect two times in a row. 
As soon as we walked through the fence on day two, Sumo found his fetish, a cute little white female.
You see, Sumo has always had this "thing" for little white dogs. And when I say "thing", I mean: he can't stop humping them; finds them irresistible. 
He got so crazy once a couple of years ago that I had to drag him away on leash from a white dog as he refused to comply, sprawling out all of his legs, demanding I drag him across a concrete parking lot if he must be departed from his object of lust. 
This time was no different, and I could see White Dog's parents were getting annoyed, so I had to actually carry him to the other side of the park..............and sweet little Callie, who on leash is our feisty one, just followed me around the entire time all cool and obedient. 
Never wavering from his fixation despite restraint and attempts to distract him, he would sprint directly towards his target once released.
As a last resort, we finally ended up leashing him to kept him on the other side of the park until White Dog left. I guess there always has to be one party-pooper in the the group, and this time it was our dog!! How embarrassing. 
He got himself so worked up that he was completely exhausted for the rest of the evening. 
Oh Sumo Wrestler......*Sigh*....

Do your pets have anything in particular that triggers naughty or inappropriate behavior?


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