Monday, April 8, 2013

Redemption Day

I love being off work on weekend days!! As much as I appreciate the ability to get my errands ran and grocery shopping done while the rest of the world is sitting behind a desk at their 8-5'ers, having the same days off as the rest of my family is especially enjoyable. Actually, even though I thoroughly I love my job, I just love being off work period.
My mom and Nana came to visit this weekend. We spend Saturday window shopping at Ikea and Hobby Lobby, taste testing at Costco (or "Costcos" as my family would call it), and getting supplies for my new hobby (more on that later), while Patrick stayed glued to his phone for game updates, and apparently taking sneaky pictures of us behind our backs.
Somehow the entire day disappeared before our eyes, but prior to it's complete extinction, we got a redemption shot at Mr. Wok! Remember when Patrick and I salivated over the thought of how good their food could be, so we walked there one Sunday afternoon, only find out it was closed on Sundays? Well, this day was going to be different..........
Except after we walked there, we realized we should have gone much earlier, because we had to wait 45 minutes just to be seated. 
Who would have thought a little hole in the wall place a block from our house would be so busy? I mean....I know the parking lot is always full, but it's a little parking lot! 
Bored to tears on the waiting bench, we got nosy, and noticed people with entire bottles of wine at their table. Everyone {but us} knew it was BYOB. Without hesitation, we sent Patrick scurrying back home to retrieve a bottle of wine and a few beers. 
When we were finally seated, they directed us to a (nicely put) intimate booth pushed against a wall with a window curtain draping out just enough to aggravate my personal space, and a chair at the end of our table for our 5th person so we could knock knees, in the back of the crammed restaurant, with clean but damaged plastic covering to keep it "classy". If I hadn't witnessed all the awards on the wall and overheard the numerous satisfied customers raving as they walked out the door with appeased appetites, I would have been worried. 
The sweet waitress came to open our bottle of wine and take our massive food order. And then it started. 
One by one our meals arrived at the table, in no particular order, steaming hot. Forget any traditional dinner etiquette you've ever learned; no letting the dishes sit around in the kitchen until the whole table's order is ready. Oh no. This was about eating your meal in it's finest moment, when it's the freshest, getting to drool over it and take in it's fine aroma before the first bite is even edible. 
Everyone shared a little in the beginning, then dug into the rest of their plate with no take-backs; my vocabulary is void of words fit enough to describe how amazing and fresh each dish tasted. And our bill was so cheap! 
The fortune cookie makers must have had a premonition of our conversation to send Dusty such a perfect fortune!
Another plus? You don't need a designated driver when you're just a short walk away from home!!
I have a feeling this could be a dangerous thing: knowing about something like this so close to home. 

Do you have any BYOB restaurants you like to go to? Do tell. 


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