Monday, September 29, 2014

Dillon 3 Months: Farting Prodigy

Well well well.......
Look who's 3 months old! I'm sure I'm just completely senile, but it doesn't feel as though much has happened this month.....probably because it went by so fast (hence me posting this almost 2 whole weeks late)!
The most eventful thing we had happen to us this month was a couple of major monitor mishaps. I was convinced there was some sort of monitor destroying force field in our house. We'd only been using our previously loved (bought second hand) video device for about two weeks when it suddenly stopped working, so we bought a brand-spankin'-new-top-of-the-line-Cadillac of all monitors, opened it with all the excitement of a couple of  kids on Christmas morning,,,,,,,,and the darn thing would never turn on; It was broken before we could even get the gratifying feel of peeling the sticky plastic off the screen's face!!!! A third time's a charm, though, and we finally ended up with a cool new WORKING adult toy that video pan's, 2 way talks, measures the temperature of the room, switches back and forth between two different camera's, has night vision, and even plays lullabies.

Here are a few of Dillon's milestones/personality traits blossoming this month:

1. I'm pretty sure this boy is trying to grow up too fast......already working on cutting teeth! With a constant river of drool streaming between his bottom lip and shirt, trying to fit both fists in his mouth, and wanting to gnaw on anything he can get near his gums, it's a dead give away.
2. He finally let loose his first giggle. He thought it was hilarious when I sat him down in his yellow rocking chair, and laughed about it for about 10 minutes straight.
3. He's still sleeping in his rock-n-play, but we've graduated to him sleeping in his own room all night and moved on from swaddles, into sleep sacks instead. The next and final step is to put this big boy in his crib......Patrick and I keep procrastinating, out of pure fear that we're going to botch up the good sleep we've been getting. He does enjoy laying in his crib during the day, though, mesmerized by the mobiles I made him.

4. Once a Milk Monster, always a Milk Monster. I don't think we're ever going to get away from hourly feeds in the evening until he starts eating real food.
5. He is totally into playing with his hands/feet, grabbing rings, and sitting in his bumbo chair so he can scope out his surroundings.
6. I hope he somehow manages to miraculously crawl one day, because he still throws a fit when we make him do any kind of tummy time. I started just letting him fall forward when he crunches his abs while sitting up, and leaving him that way until he starts fussing, so he can get some sort of neck/back workout in..........and every single time, he farts. One day he did it like 10 times in a 5 minute period. Fall forward, fart. Sit him up. Fall forward, fart. Sit him get the graphically hilarious idea (especially since it's so innocent). He had to have set some sort of record or something. Ladies and Gents.....we have a farting prodigy on our hands!
7. He's a bone-a-fied hair puller. 
8. I know it's not recommended, but this boy really enjoys sitting in his bumbo and watching t.v. from time to time........I mean, geez, there's really only so many hours a day you and sit and stare at each other. Get real, American Academy of Pediatrics. 
9. I'm still in love with the sweet little noises he makes while he's eating and the way he buries his head into the crease between my arm and torso when he's sleepy.
Is it to ambitious to hope he'll be a cuddle bug forever????

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