Sunday, September 7, 2014

#dillonaday Weekly Roundup 12

#1 Mom and Dad are going to the new stadium for game day while I root for the Bears in green and gold at Nanny and Papa's house! September 1
#2 I ONLY want to be outside, and I can tell the difference, eyes open or closed. Mom and Dad says it's too hot, but I think they're just wimps. - September 2
#3 wanna swim good, and you try to swim good...and...I think we swam pretty good. - September 3
#4 Say what you will, but I'm seriously contemplating changing my name to RH (Ridiculously Handsome). - September 4
#5 Mom thinks I don't understand Family Guy, but what she doesn't know is Stewie and I have a secret plot language. - September 5
#6 I got mom right where I want her. - September 6
#7 Say what?!?! My friend Gabriel is HOW OLD?!?! - September 7


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