Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sometimes in Life.......

Sometimes in life you get really lucky.
.......like when there's a grease fire in your oven but you didn't know it until your husband came home and you told him to check the on the pizza because it was getting a little smokey in the house and you couldn't get up because you were pumping, talking on the phone, and feeding the baby all at the same time, and he manages to put out the fire with a pound of flour before the house burns down. 
.....like when your friends text you to let you know they spared you from the Ice Bucket challenge, since you just recently had a baby. 
......like when you're driving down the tollway, slightly behind and to the left of a work truck, and see a dolly fall out of the back, into the middle of the lane, and as you watch the traffic damage in your rear view mirror, thank the heavens that you weren't directly behind that truck in that very moment, especially since your baby was in the car with you.

And sometimes in life you get really unlucky.
.....like when you can't cook dinner until you clean up the pound of flour from the bottom of the oven. 
....like when your other friends decided to challenge you in the Ice Bucket challenge, anyway. 
......like when you're running late for a dinner date and leave in such a hurry that you forgot to bring any milk for the baby and on the way there you realize you have zero gas, so you have your husband drop you off at the store while he goes across the street to fill up the tank, but you realize as you're standing in line with your formula and wine, that your cash, debit card, and license are hanging on the purse tree, in your date night purse, from the concert the night before.

Believe it or not, these are all true stories (in just the small window of one week in the life of me).....but I have no pictures to prove it......because sometimes shit happens, like my camera having a "communication error" with the computer.......when I even have enough battery to open the computer, since the charger isn't working half the time right now (who knows!!). 
But everything usually (eventually) works out or evens out......which I think is the whole point of this post!

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